By early 1960 the nets used in Greece were cotton yarn, resulting in great inconvenience to the fishermen which they had to was hand dry their nets every day after the fishing because otherwise it rotted. With the invention of nylon, the Japanese built nets of nylon so that fishermen no longer need to wash and dry their nets every day after fishing. In this way created the need for the introduction of nylon nets at first from Japan.

Ioakim Diamantidis father of the current owners company-had nicknamed diopas. The nickname given(according to the habits of the time) due to the level that had been in the navy(diopos) then began to deal with import fishing nets and resale to fishermen in Michaniona area and environs.

After the death of Ioakim Diamantidis1982 their children continued selling fishing nets and created a new company called DIOPAS S.A.

The company step by step grew and then started manufacture nets for fishing. In 1993 DIOPAS S.A. after the start of the fish farming in Greece (at the end of the 1980s) began manufacturing net cages for fish farming. Alongside started and impregnation of nets with Antifouling and other materials.

Expanding its activities in early 2000 the company was also involved in the construction of protection nets, shading nets etc.

Until 2013 the company purchased the nets in rolls and either sold as pieces either processed and then offered as final products to fishermen to fish farmers etc.

In 2014, after the advent of the new generation to the company DIOPAS S.A. realizing the necessary investments proceeded to vertical integration of its production buying yarn and after appropriate process longer manufactures nets as pieces or rolls in any dimension.

DIOPAS S.A. manufactures nets with knot and without knot. Here it must be emphasized that it is the first time made nets with knot in Greece.

DIOPAS S.A. is certified ISO 9001: 2000, has full strength testing laboratory of nets in terms of tension and friction.

It also has special software from Simrad company through which it is possible to analyze, design and simulate the behavior of trawl nets in the sea with the ultimate aim of reducing the consumption of fuel.

DIOPAS S.A. participates in several research programs that occasionally shall be designed to promote fisheries and aquaculture in Greece.

After relevant program participated DIOPAS S.A. built with the help of special software and using the appropriate output nets of the new trawl which reduces fuel consumption 20%.
The company's headquarters and production sites are situated in the industrial area of Michaniona housed in facilities owned area of 8500 m2 building.

DIOPAS SA today manufactures

Nets for fishing
For all sectors of Fisheries.Trawl, purse seines, Coastal Fisheries etc.
Special trawl nets that significantly reduce fuel consumption.
It also offer all the supporting materials for Fisheries. As ropes, wire ropes, lead lines, floats, twines etc.

Nets for fish farming
Construction all types and sizes of fish cages according to customer needs.
Construction protective nets from attacks by birds and large fish.
ConstructionVaccination and sorting Bags.
Construction shading nets etc.
Repair nets of fish farming